Vision Tower - A New Vision of Luxury - Juffair, Bahrain
Vision Tower is a family oriented tower built near many vital facilities, with an exceptional facade with 27 floors and more than 120 residential units.
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Tennis court

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Vision Tower is one of KBC’s projects, located in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Juffair suburbs, specifically in the al-Fateh area.
The tower is built near a cluster of vital facilities such shopping malls and other services, fashioning an exceptional facade with 27 floors and more than 120 residential units, designed specifically to cater family needs.
It also contains a set of utilities such as fitness centers, pools, recreational areas, sports fields, parking space, all which are designed based on contemporary international standards to meet the needs of its users.


Vision Tower provides a range of complimentary services to ensure owner’s full comfort, as it has round-the-clock reception desk and security service to assist residents; In addition to four elevators equipped with superior technical details and high speed, Further to the Tower’s multi-purpose hall, and its four storey parking area; all to satisfy the luxurious lifestyle of the Tower’s residents.


The Tower’s 4th floor houses a fitness center that offers the best sporting equipment, inaddition to multi-purpose hall, Jacuzzi, Sauna and a 300m walkway. Also a large swimingpool,a circular childrens pool, a coffee shop, a cinema hall and children’s recreational room readily available for use in that floor


The Tower’s 26th floor contains the men’s swimming pool, moreover this floor has a premium tennis court and aquash court; all for the comfort and luxury of the Tower’s owners.